VULNERABILITY is a series of long portraits recorded immediately after an aquatic bodywork session with Steve.

What inspired me for this project was witnessing many of my clients' reactions after each of my sessions. After bringing them back to a standing position against the wall following an hour’s session, they very often stay there for ten, twenty minutes, or even longer sometimes in a deeply meditative state. Quietly on the side, patiently waiting for them to open their eyes, I am always struck by the quality of their presence. Their face, even with closed eyes, becomes like a window within and through the subtle moving gestures, there is a sense of recognition, as if all masks had been stripped off leaving a vulnerable and authentic self that they themselves may not even be acquainted with.

And so I wanted to let them see themselves and I was also curious to see how others would respond when witnessing such quiet vulnerability. While the experience of the session plays a great role in the project, in this case it serves simply as a medium to allow the person to slow down and immerse within.

With the current obsession on self-portraiture on social media, the continuous updating and manipulation of our image that we show to the world, and the speed in which we process information, I think these videos provide a challenge to slow down and appreciate a different side of people, simple, unedited, in a moment of vulnerability.
Steve Karle