primal rhythms retreat

primal rhythms retreat

A 7-day journey through Iceland
exploring movement, stillness and touch
through Aquatic Bodywork, Trance Dance, 
Kundalini Yoga and Gestalt Therapy.

We embark on a journey of the senses
exploring primal and undiscovered landscapes within
in togetherness and in your space
finding new ways of being and being with
amidst extraordinary landscapes
under the midnight sun
above the heat of the earth

We will start each morning in our own individual space, awakening, energising and becoming aware of our inner motion with kundalini yoga through meditations, asanas and breath work by the lake.

We then continue into the early afternoon with poetry in water exploring empathetic listening through touch and movement with each other through various aquatic bodywork-based practices in a blue thermal lagoon, amidst geysers and volcanic formations…

Trance-dance and experiential gestalt therapy group sessions will be held in the evenings…

There will be free time to rest, explore the area, or have a variety of one to one sessions by one of the three practitioners present.

For our 2016 dates and program, get in touch.