our approach as practitioners

It's fascinating how different people respond to
an Aquatic Bodywork session: the energised
sense of calm, the emotional or metaphysical insight,
the silence or the laughter. Every session is unique,
like each individual. And the experience, unpredictable.
Perhaps a coming back to self. Into undiscovered
landscapes within. Through the body.

Our job as practitioners, is to create a platform
for that unique journey to happen. Where energy can flow.
Where awareness can expand. Where healing
may occur. Yet we hold no intention- the journey itself
is our focus. The infinite moment. The togetherness
and the space in between.

It all started with Watsu and our desire to share this
extra-ordinary work with others. Our mission is to keep
exploring its potential, and take it to new horizons.

#slowdown #letgo #bemoved