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Every session is unique, like each individual. And the experience, unpredictable.
Perhaps a coming back to self. Into undiscovered landscapes within. Through the body. 
Our job as practitioners, is to create a platform for that unique journey to happen.
Where energy can flow. Where awareness can expand. Where healing may occur.
Yet we hold no intention- the journey itself is our focus. The infinite moment.
The togetherness and the space in between.

There's a few things you may want to share with us before your session so we can get a sense of the approach needed. We can discuss these prior to your session or you can also fill out the following questionnaire beforehand.

Name *
Do you easily experience motion sickness or do you suffer from any balance condition, vertigo or dizziness?
Do you have an ear condition?
Your ears will be inside the water during most of the session- we suggest not using earplus if you don’t require them but do let us know if you would like to request some.
Do you wear contact lenses?
Although your eyes will be above the water surface during most of the session, it is impossible to prevent some water from getting into the eyes. If you are wearing contact lenses, we suggest taking them off.
What kind of pressure do you prefer in a regular massage?
Just so you know, the warmth of the water distracts nerve sensitivity, so pressure is not perceived the same as in a regular massage. Muscles are also engaged differently, through movement.
There is a wide range of elements that a session may access. You may have a specific interest or aim, if so you can select any of the below keywords that resonate with your intention or add any specific notes below. This will give us an idea of our approach needed in your session or on follow-up sessions.