We are a wellness atelier, based in London. We offer a rare selection of therapies, bodywork sessions, experiential workshops and retreats, as well as b2b wellness consulting, in and around the fluid element of water.

Our ethos is based on a holistic approach. Which simply means that we listen to the whole of you: your words and your silence, your body and your mind, your movement and your stillness. We'll then conjure a personal journey for you, to guide you towards greater presence, health and well-being. You will find us at the crossroads between therapeutic and artful: experiences that are both immersive and cutting-edge, grounded in precision and simplicity.

We have worked with a variety of businesses, from introducing and developing our concept at Aman in 2011 and more recently installing our offering at the South Kensington Club and the Hotel Cafe Royal where we have our base, to collaborating in a charity for special needs children for the last 6 years and being present every year at the Boom and Being Festivals sharing our work with conscious explorers.

Our work has taken us to Germany, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Turks & Caicos, Philippines and Japan so far, besides a year-round presence in the UK.

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