We are a wellbeing atelier, based in London since 2010. We offer a range of bodywork sessions, workshops, trainings and retreats, in and around the fluid element of water.

Our approach is holistic - our emphasis is on creating a space in which we can fully listen to another. Listen to the movement, the stillness, the silence or the words. With our presence and our touch. At times coming closer. At times stepping back. Continuously negotiating togetherness and space. To then allow stories to be told. Spontaneous journeys to unfold. Primal dances to take place.

A wide range of skills come into play in our kind of listening, from a deep trauma-sensitive approach to a structural understanding of the body. From the very subtle to the more physical and across the emotional and mysterious landscapes within. Allowing a deeply therapeutic or perhaps a more playful journey to unfold. We are less interested in the form, whether that is a method, a formula or a particular technique, and more in the simplicity and power of being present with another, in a neutral, empathetic way, allowing that which wants to spontaneously unfold to take place. We are less interested in imposing a structure and more in allowing an organic structure to arise out of trust and surrender, giving way to discovery and intuition. You may find us at the crossroads between therapeutic and artful.

Our invitation is to slow down, let go, and be moved.