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watsu® level 1 in hungary

Welcome to WATSU® - Relax deeply and discover an artful approach to movement, stillness and connection to others, in water.

Watsu® Level 1 (Basic Watsu + Transition Flow) is the first step into the world of Watsu - the first form of Aquatic Bodywork created in the 80's by an American Poet in San Francisco, Harold Dull. With roots in Zen Shiatsu, it consists of you simply floating in warm skin-temperature water while having someone gently supporting you, synchronising with your breath and following your body's subtle movement patterns into a dance of stillness and motion including yoga-like stretching, shiatsu points, massage... until you totally let go and literally, flow. Apart from being therapeutic for a wide range of needs, it is a fully immersive sensory experience like no other.

During this foundation course, you will learn the principles, techniques and a repertoire of movements, that will allow you to share this work with others. It is a unique way to increase your awareness of the body through touch and movement. It is an opportunity to access a space of healing and deepen your relationship with yourself and others as well have fun and play...

Wednesday 2nd to Monday t October
in Daruvar, Croatia

You can join us also just for Basic Watsu (first two days) or Transition Flow (last three days) for those who have already studied Basic Watsu. See below for more info.

♥Maximum group of 12 students
♥Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association registration and certification included.
None. And if you've never had a Watsu session before, that's ok. The course is structured in such a way that you alternate between giving and receiving sessions, which makes for a gradual and therapeutic journey of discovery.

basic watsu
the initial focus will be our own body. Through movement and stillness we will discover our core in the water and emphasise on alignment and ease of movement. We will utilise the properties of water to move effortlessly through it. We will then explore our body in relation to another. Emphasis will be given on how to stay grounded in yourself and the space while tuning-in and merging with another through touch and breath. We will then focus on how to safely support another in our arms and various ways to connect on a subtle level, encouraging trust and surrender while being neutral. You'll then be guided into a basic progression of moves and encouraged to explore and improvise. You will also learn how to apply some of the principles learnt in the water, on land.
16 hour workshop
Friday 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
open to all

transition flow
we will build on the basic form learnt during the first 16 hours, taking the meditative quality into greater movement dynamics and flow, including stretching and zen shiatsu principles. We will connect the basic moves through long and graceful transitions as well as learn a whole set of movements. You will find ways to adapt these to various body types. Greater movement requires greater stillness so there will be a greater focus on body mechanics to support and move each person effortlessly through the water to allow a sense of flow to arise. The heart connection and the sense of ‘being with’ rather than ‘doing to’ will be explored through a few hours of land class.
34 hour workshop
pre-requisite: basic watsu
Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00

Steve initially trained as an actor, including studies at LAMDA and RADA in London. A major influence during this time was his movement coach Lorna Marshall, author of 'The Body Speaks'. His interest in body awareness drove him to study Zen Shiatsu, which led him to discover Watsu® -Water Shiatsu-. He has trained with and assisted Harold Dull, the creator of Watsu, Arjana Brunschwiler, co-creator of WaterDance®, Minakshi, and Theri Thomas, founder of Aquatherics® going on to become a certified teacher of Watsu in 2011. He introduced and developed the concept of Aquatic Bodywork for Amanresorts where he regularly visits as trainer and practitioner. He is also involved with Liquid Vibrations - a UK Charity bringing Movement and underwater sound to children with special needs. Steve graduated from a two year program of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in 2013, which has given a new depth to his work in the water. 

His aim as a teacher is to guide the student organically into understanding the principles that lead to technical mastery. His focus is also on creating both a fun and interactive space as well as a healing environment where each student can dive deeper into their personal journey.