acro x aqua

acro x aqua

FLY - FLOW - HEAL with teachers Lilli Breininger and Steve Karle.

AcroYoga is a practice that combines the playfulness of acrobatics, the wisdom of yoga and the healing touch of thai massage. It brings people together, builds up trust and positive communication. While your body develops new muscles, your brain develops new neuropathways by doing fun movements you might have never experienced before. While having fun you enhance your metabolism and move your body. 

Even more so when the element of water comes into play… the lack of gravity unloads weight off the spine and joints inviting you into a state of deep relaxation and expansion where stress can be released and the body can unwind. During the Poetry in Water workshop you will learn how to listen to your partner’s body and follow it on a journey into natural, fluid and primal movement. Quality of touch and connection as well as principles of alignment and core-work in water will be explored.

Lilli is a certified AcroYoga teacher, a Vinyasa Yoga teacher, a Thai Massage therapist and a Craniosacral practitioner /

Steve is a certified Watsu® practitioner and teacher, Craniosacral Therapist and director of the British School of Aquatic Bodywork.

Next Retreat in April 2016 in the Philippines. More info here.