a half day journey of poetry in water

a half day journey of poetry in water

A 4-hour experiential immersion into the art of touch, movement and surrender, in warm water.

The journey will begin with a meditation in water to bring focus on ourselves to begin with, such as our physical posture, our state of mind, our breath and any intention or aim. While staying present with our current experience, we can invite a quality of stillness and grounding in ourselves to then explore accessing a neutral space from which we can tune-in to another. and listen Through a range of exercises we will practice qualities of connection both with our presence and our touch.

Through partner work, we will then look at the natural floating posture, aided by leg floats, and we'll practice a way to support the head in such a way that the spine can naturally lengthen and decompress. With a gentle yet safe hold we will simply listen to the subtle expressions and impulses in our partner's body and through a set of simple guided principles we'll then engage it into a spontaneous dance-like journey through movement and stillness, ultimately leading us into a state of flow.

Having gained some experience in both letting go in water and facilitating a session for another, the second half of the workshop will focus on group sessions in which we will advance our new discovered skills to further explore the infinite possibilities of movement and stillness. We will look at rhythm, shape, spiral motion, tension vs relaxation, bodywork techniques, different qualities of touch and the concept of ‘holding the space’.

The journey is conceived for exactly 4 participants, allowing for a very contained therapeutic experience and a personalised approach that welcomes and follows each individual process. Because of this, every journey will be different.

Facilitated by Steve Karle
Held in a warm private pool in the heart of London.

Who is it for?
Anyone with a certain degree of openness to connect with others, in silence, through movement and by touch. If you've had one to one sessions before then this is an excellent way to deepen your exploration now within a relational field. If you're a mover -from yogis to dancers- you will probably love it. But there are no pre-requisites and anyone, be it introvert or extrovert is welcome and the journey will follow each individual's pace.

£120 per person*
*Includes a 20 minute dip in the Sauna or communal hammam following the workshop. Use of luxury changing room with all amenities also included.