A 10-day Journey of Poetry in Water

A 10-day Journey of Poetry in Water

One of the main skills in our work in water is the ability to step into an empty space. A space in which we can fully listen to another. Listen to the movement and the stillness. The silence or the noise. With our presence and our touch. At times coming closer. At times stepping back. Continuously negotiating togetherness and space. To then allow stories to be told. Spontaneous journeys to unfold. Primal dances to take place.

The ‘journey’ is both workshop and retreat. It is an invitation for you to immerse within. Witness journeys without. And learn the art of surrender and touch in warm water, through your own experience and observation. Throughout 10 days you will have a chance to fully dive into your self and gradually experience the unfolding of movement along your inner processes, at your own rhythm and pace. You will also be on the other side, listening, supporting and holding space as you gain new insights and perspectives. Both roles will feed into each other, gradually deepening your awareness of self and others. Ultimately, just like in a session, the journey might lead us into a greater flow where we can experience and perhaps embody a quality of organicity that reflects the element of water itself.

The journey is open to anyone, whether you have a professional aim or not at all. If you've had a series of one to one sessions before or have explored yourself within a therapeutic context, the journey is a great way to deepen your personal exploration now within a relational field. These are also fascinating territories to explore for movers -from yogis to dancers- as well as bodyworkers, holistic therapists, physios and psychotherapists with a somatic approach. Yet if you never had a session in water before or have absolutely no experience in this or any such kind of work, the journey will just as well fit you because it is a very organic journey that follows each individual's needs and aims. This can be a space to retreat or connect. To slow down and let go. To play or to heal. And everybody’s rhythm is welcome, be it calm or wild.

All hours of training will be registered on the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association and certified by the British School of Aquatic Bodywork.

"What an incredible experience. The way Steve is able to tap into exactly what the body needs, to listen to its deepest requirements, is quite astonishing. Learning to ‘listen’ from him has been an experience that will stay with me forever, and will forever impact my dealings with people in day to day life as well as in the water.” ― Tom Lancaster, Cinematographer

“It doesn’t get much better than this for me - cranial, stillness, freedom of movement, presence, water. I found myself in the water, the water is like the form of the divine, it eases everything - my body, my heart, my soul, my coming into being, my coming into relationship both with myself and with others. With such safe holding, I was able to touch into all the agony and the ecstasy of the human experience, and emerge in a very tender and loving place. Thank you.” — Steph Hodgson, Craniosacral Therapist

"The course unfolded in the most subtle of ways, as if time itself became more fluid and supportive, taking on the quality of the water. I experienced the ‘poetry’ as I floated as a spinning lotus down a river, to be returned to the great ocean of my deepest memories. Layers of us unraveled and we all learnt to sense how much depth we all have behind the surrender of the body atop the water and in the honourable hands of partners. A big thanks to all involved for making it a safe & transformative weekend.” — Talisman Gabriel Das Jaguar, Artist